Product Design

AutoCAD 2013 (Autodesk INC.)

Autocad is the best CAD software for making and editing 2D drawings very quickly and prominently. Advantage: For using this software, the design department does not use manual paper drawings, which takes thrice the time to make a 2D drawing.

Creo Parametric (PTC Corporation)

Creo Parametric is one of the best parametric software for making the 3D Model to visualize the model even before making the practical model.
Advantage: Making the 3D CAD model gives the exact weight of the product by inputting the material properties of the product as per customer requirement at the very first stage, which helps reduce the price of the product compared to other manufacturers.

Creo Simulate (PTC Corporation)

Creo Simulate is an analysis software to do the stress analysis/ load test on the product to check the sustainability of the product on a particular load.
Advantage: It helps optimizing the design of the product to create less weight and negate rejection.

Solid Works (Dassault Systemes Group)

Solid Works is also one of the best parametric software for making the 3D Model to visualize the model before making the product in practical.
Advantage: In-house product development in very short time with accurate analysis and optimization.

Gating System Design

Nova Flow & Solid Works :

Casting process simulation with NovaFlow & SolidWorks has proven to be an important tool in product and production development for validating designs prior to physical trials, resulting in substantial savings in manufacturing costs.
Advantage: Casting defect prediction by software analysis in advance can get the right casting in the very first shot. It also helps to reduce the cost due to high yield optimization.

Pattern Design

DELCAM Power Shape

Delcam software is a 3D modelling system to make the 3D model easily, fast, and prominently. Advantage: Very easy & fast to modify & recover the imported model from other 3D modelling software.

DELCAM Power Mill

Delcam Power Mill is a software by which we can make the perfect CNC program for machining the product accurately with optimized machining time & visualize the whole product machining of the product before practical product machining. Advantage: Achieving accurate dimension of product as per the design model after machining.