Management Team

The very fact that KISWOK has evolved from a general castings manufacturer to a specialized automotive castings producer speaks volumes about the people at the helm.

'Lead by example' is a fundamental belief at KISWOK. And that is precisely why the organization believes in developing people through work rather than getting work done through people.

S.S. Kejriwal


Raj Kejriwal

Managing Director

Bimal Kejriwal


Kishan Kejriwal


Mayank Kejriwal


Chairman's Address

One who wants to succeed always tries hard to achieve more. But just being a hard-worker will lead towards nowhere. It is the continuous strive towards 'Perfection' which plays the pivotal role in achieving that.

We at KISWOK internalized these values instilled by our Founder Chairman and evolving on a continuous basis in helping us to attain unique distinction.

At KISWOK, we have envisioned distinction as an everyday practice. We aim at constant process development. Evolution of our core processes are all encompassing in technology, R&D, quality, sales and production techniques.

Our products, which have found global appreciation, are the representatives of an amalgam of in-depth research and product know-how, which we have been able to embody in our work for almost 60 years.

The success of KISWOK is the culmination of contributions from our employees, clients and associates. We wish to forge stronger relations with all so that we can evolve on a constant basis.

MD's Keynote

The whole point of one's life needs to revolve around the singular concept of 'Perfection'. At KISWOK, we are committed towards evolution, timeliness, quality and process excellence. These attributes have helped us to achieve greater heights for a considerable period of time. We thank our partners who lend their support in achieving such feet.

The 'Make in India' initiative by Government of India has made a huge effect on our business also. We, at KISWOK, pride ourselves in being a cog in the wheel. Our achievements and constant endeavours to excel is already acting as a catalyst in fulfilling that.

Finally, I would like to sum up the tradition at KISWOK by saying “We live in the present, remember the past and fear not the future because it doesn't exist as there is only now”.