Testing Facilities

Physical Testing Equipment

  • 2 optical emission Spectrometers (Model ARL) having 26 channels.
  • Microscope with Image Analyzer (Make Leica) for Direct Data of Metal, Flake Graphite size, Nodule size, Nodule Count, Nodularity, Pearlite & Ferrite percentage, etc. The Microscope can achieve a normal Magnification of 1000 and a Digital Magnification of up to 4000.
  • Two Optical Brinnel Hardness Testing Machines.
  • One Brinnel Hardness Testing Machine with B.I.M.S software.
  • Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine (60 tons capacity).
  • Surface Grinding machine for spectro sample preparation (Make STG-6).
  • Cutter machine for Micro sample preparation (Make – Metacut).
  • Double disc micro polishing machine (Make – Metapol).
  • Impact testing machine for V-notch charpy impact test.
  • Automatic broching machine.
  • Freezer -40 degree centigrade temperature.
  • Double disk polishing machine.
  • Table grinding machine.

Wet Laboratory Equipment

  • Strohlein apparatus for carbon determination.
  • 3 Muffle furnaces with temperatures ranging from 50°C to 1400°C.
  • Digital hot air oven (to remove moisture) with max temperature of 250°C.
  • Digital ph meter with auto temperature compensation.
  • Chain o Matic Chemical Balance.
  • Digital Single Pan Balance.
  • Mercury Barometer.
  • Digital Dry & Wet Bulb Hydrometer.
  • Distillation Apparatus.
  • 2 Hot Plates arranged in fume chamber for wet analysis.
  • Digital Balance.
  • Analytical Balance.

Sand Testing Equipment

  • Sand Rammer with Base Block. Compatibility & strength.
  • Permeability Meter.
  • 2 Digital Universal Strength Testing Machine for checking Compression strength, Shear strength, Tensile strength & Transverse strength in Green Moulding sand, Cold Box & No Bake sand.
  • Digital Moisture Tester.
  • Rapid Moisture Tester.
  • Sieve shaker with Timer & set of sieves.
  • Compatibility Tester same as Ramer.
  • Mould Hardness Tester (Scale B & Scale C).
  • Core Hardness Tester.
  • Sand Muller (Capacity – 5 kgs.).
  • Callibration Kit for Digital Universal Strength Testing Machine.
  • Callibration Kit for Permeability meter.
  • Callibration Kit for Rapid Moisture Tester.
  • Test bar storage up to 1 year from manufacturing date to enable traceability of castings to the particular date of casting and heat no.
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